Yoga Styles we share

Yin Yoga is quite the opposite of our modern western way of living. It is the opposit of the doing, the need to achieve and push over the limits. Most of us live in an environment of over stimulation and make unhealthy lifestyle choices. A lot of us are looking for change, for peace, for healing and for real happiness. Yin Yoga can help by passively and quietly guiding us inwards. Helping to get insight on what is going on in our physical, mental and emotional body in a kind and loving approach without stressing it. Yin Yoga is designed to work on the deep connective tissues, the so called fascia that make up 50% of our bodies. It is all the joints, ligaments, tendons; it is around each and every organ and muscle to hold it together. We cannot train these parts of our body in an active or stimulating way, like our muscular system. Therefore we need a soft and gentle approach: activating the "rest and digest" modus in our nervous system, supporting our body to balance, heal and restore itself. It helps to strengthen the entire body and prevent injuries when flexible and resiliant.

Yang Yoga, or as some also call it Hatha or Vinyasa is a more dynamic and active type of yoga. In this practice we stimulate the musculature while maintaining a conscious breathing and try to focus the mind as much as possible. By doing that we stimulate the "fight, flight or freeze" modus in our nervous system, encouraging our system to send more oxygen through the system and alert itself. 

Yoga Nidra



Mindful Breathing

It is also a deeply meditative practice as it gets you in touch with oneself on a mental, spiritual and emotional level. Restart with us on Fuerteventura and enjoy daily Yin Yoga classes with mindful breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness practice. Join us for a connective week tranquil atmospheres, in the south of our favorite Canarian island. Stay in a modern and traditional Finca, for example in our Casa del Campo close to la Pared by the sea, settle in, take a breath and enjoy unwinding with deep fascia stretches, meditation and a nourishing ocean breeze.

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