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On the search for an anchor in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, for more self-esteem, serenity in challenging times, for the essentials in life: for you.

free, happy and healthy - this is how I feel thanks to yoga

"I am not flexible enough for Yoga", "I do not have enough time to meditate", "going plant-based is too complicated, seems boring and too much of a sacrifice", sounds familiar? Well then you might be really surprised what you are about to find out on these pages.

Welcome to Lets Yoga. So happy you are here and maybe you are looking for a healthy time-out for yourself or a beloved one. Perhaps you are new to yoga, meditation and vegan food, or back in the game after some time. These programs are an excellent incentive to deepen your connection with your inner self, peace, and wisdom; no matter how flexible you are. Most importantly is your openness and willingness to try out new things, to open up your imagination and invite universal healing to take place. Let your heart guide you through this site, and I hope to see you soon on the mat somewhere.

Love & Light


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private beach yoga retreat

Private Beach Yoga Bliss

Yoga with sea view, in your private group or for yourself exclusively. You deserve a dreamy mindful time out.

online yin yoga

Online Yin Yoga


Gentle Yoga in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

Join the weekly group classes.

What Guests say about their Experience

"Thankful for this sunny and wonderfully easy time!"

A dreamlike place, beautiful surroundings, great beaches and coastline ... the sea amazing ... swimming in the morning, yoga on the beach at sunrise, yoga under the tree, feel & smell the nature, the freedom! Fantastic vegan food in the morning and evening ... 💚❤️💛 In the whole, this holiday was a healing experience with heart-people !!!

- Annette

"A high class experience that will remain forever in my memory"

I loved the general atmos-phere, the relaxing music, the yoga classes of very good quality, the extraordinary meals ... The teachers are very attentive and caring. They adapt to our expectations / needs. The place is heavenly. Get up in the morning to meditate in front of the sunrise, do yoga on the beach and get on with a delicious brunch ... what could be better?

- Maeva

"Extraordinary and inspiring stay with Nina" 

It was such a nice and warm welcome. From the very first moment I felt like home. You could definitely feel the passion Nina is putting into preparing all this tasty and vegan food. The yoga lessons held at the beach were always catered to my body needs. All in all there was nothing more I could have wished for. Thanks Nina for this amazing experience 🙏

- Simone


Nina is extraordinary, she makes you discover yourself again, that you love yourself, deeply. The sessions made me discover myself again as a person, learn all day, improve at every moment. I can only thank, thank you, thank you.

- Marta

"High Spirits"

The location - a lost paradise. The food - reborn in paradise. The spirit - exceptional friendly and loving. I should have taken more time for the venue.

- Frank

"it was wonderful!" 

the food, the people, the place, the yoga, just right for me to take a break, thank you very much!

- Elisabeth

"Wonderful experience"

I have been to some yoga retreats before and this week was one of the most beautiful! A beautiful house - wonderful people and fantastic food! The mix of gentle morning yoga, and various evening meditations was perfect. I feel very well recovered, inspired and also very touched. I will come back!


"The Best yoga ever" 

Nina asked for special needs and wishes for the yoga before the retreat. And it was a good experience. Both relaxing and challenging with lots af love and beauty. Doing yoga and meditation at the beach was so nice and I really enjoyed the vegan brunch and dinners together with the other guests.

- Mette

I joined on Fuerteventura for a wonderful week in vegan yoga heaven. Nina and Gesche are two beautiful, very relaxed souls not only sharing their positive energy but also the most delicious vegan food you could wish for. Starting the days doing yoga with an ocean view and finishing them with meditation in the evening also contributed to a very relaxing time on sunny Fuerteventura. Thank you all so much.

- Nicole 

This retreat was amazing. Life changing, really. Could not have asked for a better group, better instructor, better food, or overall experience. When I met everyone at dinner, they were all so warm and comfortable with each other, like they knew each other. Nina had such a gentle and calming voice as she lead the meditations and yoga. If you needed adjusted in a pose, she would quietly come up and offer gentle suggestions, not to disturb the rest of the group. Nina also lead some amazing breathwork practices and workshops that involved group discussions which allowed us all to connect further. Every day was consistently amazing and I will forever remember this retreat and all the amazing people. Lots and lots of love 💞

- Beth

It was my first retreat. An incredible and fantastic experience that I will definitely repeat. Nina is a fantastic person and you can see that she is passionate about what she does and radiates a lot of positivity and warmth. The group I had this experience with was fantastic. Each of them left me something and changed the way I see things. I will always be grateful for this amazing experience!!!

- Lucia