About Me

Hi, my name is Nina and my favorite place is close to the ocean. That is why Fuerteventura is my part-time home where I travel to as often as I can from my home base in the Swiss mountains. Teaching Yoga and Meditation for about eight years, cooking and sharing how to cook since I can remember, and starting to introduce plant based nutrition just recently, I love to see people connect to nature, to themselves and others, offering a space of non judging and curiosity on and off the mats. What you can expect during your retreat is an open invitation to create space for yourself, trying out different yoga styles, meditation and breathing techniques, as well as heavenly plant based delicacies, including ideas and tips for your own cooking. People like my motivation, optimism and creativity. Also a lot of guests really like my voice throughout the sessions. I use my tools and gifts  as a beautiful reminder to listen to your inner voice and only do what feels well with your soul. 

The Journey

Coming to Fuerteventura for the first time, I fell in love with this pure beauty made of rocks and sand, surrounded by turquoise waters and blue sky. It all started as an idea of combining a wholesome plant-based diet into yoga holidays in the north of the island. After some years of running vegan yoga retreats, the aspect of mindfulness got more and more important for me.
So I started integrating more meditation, rituals and ceremonies into the programs. Then the Online Yoga started to grow and nowadays, a kind of Yin Yang style found its way into the retreats, for a balance of stimulation and release.
A lot happened since then, and the guests are enjoying the food & conscious life style more and more, and love to integrate them into their holiday. 
Sharing this gift of practicing outdoors, eating fresh, local and seasonal fruits & veggies makes me feel endlessly thankful to be alive. 
So, come and join in for your own journey: a vegan yoga week, day or a happy and healthy life :)