frequently asked questions - terms & conditions


Who can join?

Our programs are made for beginner and intermediate practitioners off all age, experience, level and fitness - it is not about the yoga pose, it is about the experience, how it makes you feel and allow your breath & prana to expand. If you are a experienced practitioner, you might enjoy the individual approach and support in specific poses or practices and catch up with the basics. 
If you have any doubts about pregnancy, any injuries, pains or other issues, please inform me and contact your doctor prior to the start of your program.


Requirements ! Important !

To participate our programs we ask the readiness to approach this journey with an open heart and open mind, with kindness, love and respect for: 1. oneself, 2. other guests, teacher, stuff and everyone around, and 3. nature, living beings and energy that will be sent out during this time. It is an invitation to explore outside your comfort zone, and you should be willing to have a look, try out something new and spend your day in a different way than you usually do :)

This is not a party holiday, we do not offer or tolerate the use of any stimulants during the stay, which is important to know ahead. Outside the program is enough time and space to unfold offsite. If you are looking for real connection and relaxation, this is for you.


How do I pay in € or other currency?

Once your receive your booking confirmation, you will find all the bank details to make a transfer via bank or wise if you are using a currency different than euros.


How to get there?

In your information and booking confirmation you will be supplied by detailed information, addresses and contacts for the organization of your arrival.

To get to Fuerteventura you book your flight to FUE, the airport of Fuerteventura in Puerto del Rosario or a ferry (with Fred Olsen or Armas) from Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.

To get to the venue, chose to either

- rent a car for more flexibility (cicar, payless, autoreisen) - we recommend this option as it is usually cheap and driving is very relaxed on the island

- take a taxi 

- book a holiday shuttle or public bus (tiadhe)

To get to Portugal you book your flight to FAO, Faro (1,5hrs drive) or LIS, Lisbon (3-4hrs drive).

To get to the venue, chose to either 

- rent a car for more flexibility - we recommend this option as it is usually cheap and driving is pretty easy

- take a taxi 

- book a holidayshuttle or public bus (eva) to carrapateira


How big are the groups? 

The usual size of the group is between 6 and 8 people, so it is a very individual and personal experience as we love to interact with our guests and make your stay as unique as possible. During high season it can occur that the group is slightly bigger, e.g. the christmas program offers place up to 15 people in a spacious accommodation. For our Portugal weeks at Monte Velho Eco Resort, we are around 18 people and have a shared venue, own class rooms, and will share the food area with another group. You can always chose your private program and have a stay and yoga teacher just for yourself, adapting to your wishes and needs only.


What are the times for check in & check out?

Generally the check in time is from 16:00 - 22:00 on arrival day and the check out until 10:00 on departure day. We are trying to adapt to the individual times of our guests as much as possible, and we are happy to offer the storage of luggage if arriving earlier and/or leaving later. 



The general, classes will contain most of following yoga styles: Yin, Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa, Kundalini & Yoga Nidra.

On request - especially for our private yoga programs - we modify according to your wishes.


What to bring?

We recommend to bring a little bit for both conditions: sunny and warm (as it usually gets during the day, especially at places that are protected from the wind) and fresher and windy during the evening. Other than that, we suggest to bring:

- comfortable clothes for yoga and meditation practice

- sport shoes for hiking

- windbreaker

- water bottle 

- swim wear and beach towel

- sunglasses, cap or other head protection for the sun, and other UV-protection you prefer for outdoor activities

- mosquito repellent


You can leave following at home:

- yoga mat

- linens and bath towels



Can you adapt to special diet requirements, like lactose or gluten intolerance, etc.?

We are catering organic, if possible local and always plant-based food, mostly wheat free - always free from animal products. We do not use refined salts, sugars, etc. Please let me know if you have any allergies or strong dislikes against some foods, herbs, or spices so that we can prepare accordingly.



The schedules are only sample schedules and are flexible. As we have a couple of outdoor activities, the schedule can vary due to the weather. We always do our best to make it perfect for everyone, but if you have any concerns or complaints, please get in touch with the Lets Yoga staff in order to sort everything out as soon as possible. 

If at any time you feel like taking some time for yourself, to relax and to not participate at some parts of the program, it´s all good - do what´s best for your soul; but please inform Lets Yoga so they know.



If you are participating the yoga & surf program, please be informed that the schedules will adapt daily due to the weather and tide conditions. Please notice that it is possible that you might not be able to join every part of the program because of the surfing, or you might even want to take some relaxing time for yourself. If the surf is in the morning, you will get a brunch box to take away instead of the brunch at your accommodation.

The Surf School has a third party public liability insurance. Therefore, we recommend you to contract an adequate holiday insurance as well as personal accident insurance for any incident/injuries that may sustain while traveling and practicing surfing during your stay.




terms & conditions


To reserve your spot, you can send an Email with your details. After receiving your booking confirmation, showing the total price of the holiday package and the amount of deposit, your place will be held for 7 days for you whilst you can pay the deposit.

In case of delay and not responding to any form of getting in touch with you, Lets Yoga reserves the right to give the spot to other potential clients after these 7 days.


Payment & Cancellation


The reservation fee is to be transferred in order to make a reservation for one of Lets Yoga holidays. The remaining money should be payed before arrival via bank transfer. The reservation of your spot is valid after receiving the booking confirmation from Lets Yoga via Email for 7 days. 

We suggest to sort out a travel cancellation insurance online or in any travel agency. In case of cancellation Lets Yoga reserves the right to claim a 100,- € cancellation fee p.p. If you cancel more than 90 days before the start of the retreat, you will get all of your money back, except the 100,- € p.p. fee. 50% refund (-100,- fee) for cancellations 60 - 90 days before retreat start date, and after that we reserve the right to claim 100%.



Overbooking or "Under-booking"

We give our best to prevent these cases, but in times of modern technology, overbooking can occur through another platform that is promoting and selling LetsYoga´s products, e.g. In the case of overbooking of our accommodation, LetsYoga organizes an alternative stay in another accommodation that (if not discussed otherwise) will have the same attributes as the option you chose and booked nearby, and/or organizes the transportation of you to the retreat place to join the program if it is not in a short walking distance.

In the case of "under-booking", which usually is a minimum of 4 people booking (in certain retreats it is up to 8 or 10 people), LetsYoga reserves the right to call off a booking and cancel your holiday, paying you back your deposit of course until a week before start.



Other Insurances

We recommend you to contract an adequate holiday insurance as well as a personal accident insurance for any incident/injuries/ losses that may occur while traveling and practicing yoga, hiking and any water activity, like surfing, etc. during your stay. By paying the deposit you acknowledge that you are joining this program at your own risk (on and off site the building). You are aware that there is no insurance, coverage or compensation provided for any kind of damages, accidents or losses.




When you as a participant are unable to attend parts of the program due to sickness, illness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances, credit for the remaining classes cannot be provided for other days. There are NO REFUNDS if arriving later or departing earlier for other reasons. You agree that you will not hold Lets Yoga, Nina Gehrke and any of its teachers, partners, owners of the accommodation or yoga practicing places liable for any injury, loss or illness that may occur to you during this program.


Pictures & Promotion Material

You agree that fotos and videos taken during your stay and classes can be used for promotional purpose for Lets Yoga and Partners. 



Covid 19

Please check with your government and the government as well about the current regulations of traveling. Potential obstacles related to COVID situations are no valid reasons for cancelations. Please make sure to book additional insurance for these cases.



Thank you so much for your patience to read this. Do you have any other question? Please do not hesitate and send me an Email to be perfectly prepared for your yoga holiday.