Online Yin Yoga for Peace & Release


As you become still and turn your attention inwards, something magical is happening: your body, your mind and your heart are always trying to communicate with you. And in that moment of stillness, you are completely there for yourself to listen.

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Please make sure to reserve 24hrs ahead, and to send me your Email and/or number for WhatsApp for the Zoom link.

is it for me?

It does not matter if you`re new to yin yoga or back on the mat after some time, if you are an expert or guru yourself. Everyone loves to relax and feel amazing, right? If you are feeling strong or tired, weak or a little under the weather, yin yoga is a deeply meditative practice that can activate your own healing processes. So yes, it is definitely for you :)

how it works

You can join whenever you feel like joining, there is no minimum or maximum dates. You can chose between a 10 sessions subscription or a single session payment. Via Zoom we meet usually twice per week for 45 minutes. You get the link via WhatsApp or Email. Just make sure to reserve 24 hrs ahead, please.

good to know

We hold the poses for longer time. It is recommended to wear comfortable and warm clothing, maybe have some pillows and blankets nearby for support and a cup tea is also a nice to have. If you have any injuries, hyper mobility, or pain, please inform me, so we can find some adjustments to cater your body's need in that very moment.

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