Abundance Yin Yang Yoga Retreat, Algarve

September 15th - 20th   @Monte Velho, Carrapateira

Just before the sun rises above the hills, a golden light touches a seemingly untouched world. A sip of tea and you snuggle into your yoga pants for your morning practice.

weekend retreat with yoga in nature to recharge

Your Abundance Yoga Stay by the Sea

yin yang retreat at Monte Velho to attract abundance


  • 5 nights lodging in a lovely eco center above the coastline 
  • daily morning yoga
  • daily large breakfast buffet
  • afternoon meditation/ yin yoga
  • daily vegan dinner buffet
  • 2 guided excursions

Attract abundance on all levels by focusing your mind and sending the energies accordingly. 

During these six days we will work on our mindset during our yoga practice and during meditation. By putting our mind on to something in particular, we will most probably attract it. This goes in both ways, so we really try to be mindful and kind with our thoughts, words and actions on and off the mat.

Enjoy daily wake up yoga (yang style) practice followed by a rich plant based buffet. Spend your free time by going to the beach, for a walk, run or hike, hang out in the chill areas, read a book, absorb the energy and simply be.

In the afternoon we meet up again for a meditative practice like yin yoga or mediation, and afterwards we indulge in a wholesome vegan dinner buffet again before we end the day by watching the stars, talking and drinking a tea.

Expenses *

private studio - cabin style

2780,- € for 2 people, double occupancy

3760,- € for 3 people, single & twin room

4610,- € for 4 people, 1 double, 1 twin room


private double room, own bathroom

1465,- € for 1 person, single occupancy

2440,- € for 2 people, double occupancy


shared twin room, shared bathroom

2440,- € for 2 people, 2 single rooms

3760,- € for 3 people, single & twin room

4610,- € for 4 people, 2 twin rooms


shared bed in 6er dorm

 945,- € for 1 person

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