Detox? What, how and why?

detox and feel great

Over time our systems accumulate toxins by simply eating, breathing and drinking.
In addition to that, most of us do not live in a 100% natural environment and are exposed to much more impressions and stimulations which could lead to more stress and exhaustion.

By reducing our food, we can actually promote health and wellbeing. In the comfort of your home you can try out these steps:

1. Start by reducing refined products (salt, sugar, processed foods, ..), animal products, wheat, alcohol, coffee, etc. step by step. Depending on how long it takes you to feel  comfortable with this, you then continue.

2. Add longer periods of not eating (intermittent fasting: 8 hrs time to eat vs 16 hrs of fasting) and integrating healthier food like green smoothies and other light meals.

3. Detox for a week (or more) with smoothies and superfoods, like wheatgrass, chlorella, etc. and keep doing that until you feel comfortable before you continue. 

4. Fast with water, tea and vegetable broths only for a week (or longer).

5. Introduce a healthy plant based diet, keeping the intermittent fasting


All stages will be easier and nicer when supported by gentle breathing techniques, meditation and yin yoga classes with Lets Yoga or your trusted teacher.



Who can join? In general everyone can detox, and in a lot of traditions and religions it is a common thing to do regularly. If you are over 18 years old, in general health and not pregnant, or breast feeding then we invite you to join our program as long as it feels good to you.


Can I still work? Yes, you can still work, although it might be nice to take a little time to go inwards and take it easy, especially the first days as it is also an emotional letting go.


How do I prepare? You can prepare your body a couple of days before and also after the detox by doing a step by step out and back into eating. Especially sugar, coffee and other addictive substances should be reduced slowly. Drink much more water and do more outdoor exercises, like jogging, cycling, or simply going for longer walks. 


Do I have to do the whole thing? No, you can chose if you want to to the whole program or just parts of it, every little thing counts :)


Do I need a doctor? If you are in good health, there is no need for a doctor. Other than that, you can always consult your physician prior to your detox.


I don´t wanna loose weight, can I still detox? Yes you can by simply integrating the smoothies for your necessary calorie input.


What do I need for the program? Time, will power, patience, some super foods and a blender could be handy. If you are interested, we can send you some links where you can find good quality products to support your detox program.