Beach Events, Private Yoga & Workshops


You are in the south of the island and searching for a little yoga, meditation or healthy food? Then this might be just perfect for you: join in a session or a few hours of pampering your body, mind and soul on beautiful Fuerteventura.

new moon ritual Costa Calma Beach, Fuerteventura


Next Event: Friday, 9th of February   16:00 - 19:00
New Moon Ceremony at Costa Calma Beach with lovely Lisa from Island Yoga Fuerteventura.

Join us  to set your intention for the new cycle, on and off your yoga mat. Starting with a gentle moon yoga flow, and followed by some tea at the beach to chat and share some energies.
Come as you are, bring a towel and some water.

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private yoga or meditation classes fuerteventura

private classes

Practice with me Yin, Hatha, Meditation and Pranayama. From January to March you can book your private session with me in the area of la Pared & Costa Calma.

beach yoga in Costa Calma fuerteventura

group classes

Enjoy your beach yoga class as a mix of gentle stretch and soft flow with your breath through a series of postures, starting and ending on a calm and meditative note. Reserve your spot via Email to join in at lovely Costa Calma Beach.

vegan yoga meditation workshops and events on fuerteventura


Join us for a mindful ceremony or workshop; maybe followed by a colorful plant-based picnic a the beach or elsewhere in nature.





Whatever you do, do it with your complete attention:

when you walk, you walk. When you eat, you eat.

When you listen, you listen.

And that is already the whole magic.   :)