Lets Yoga Family

Coming to Fuerteventura, like most we fell in love with this pure beauty made of rocks and sand, surrounded by turquoise waters and blue sky. Some of us live here, some always come back, and some of us are joining other retreats as guest teachers occasionally. We started to share an idea of holistic health and happiness by implanting a balanced plant-based diet into our yoga holidays in 2016. Since then, people are loving the food & conscious life style more and more and love to integrate it into their relaxing holiday. We all enjoy being in or close to the ocean and are so thankful to be here on this beautiful peace on earth. Being blessed to be able to surf and do yoga every day outside, easting the fresh, local and seasonal fruits & veggies is a gift, we really love to share with you! So, come and join us for a vegan yoga week, day or a happy and healthy life :)

nina gehrke yoga teacher, surfer girl and vegan cooking lover

Trained on Bali in 2014 as a traditional hatha teacher, Nina´s journey led from Germany and Switzerland to Fuerteventura. What started as "yoga with friends", continued manifesting itself by teaching small private groups, surfers and sport professionals. She is curious and loves to create awareness on the mat and in the kitchen as our vegan retreat chef. Enjoy the balance of vinyasa and yin by mixing in some kundalini and meditation practice.

gesche hartmann is our lovely yoga teacher vegan cook and super host with perfection in organisation


Lisa, an Austrian girl who lives on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura on the Canary Islands. She is a certified Yoga teacher and loves to share her passion for Yoga with the whole world. Listening to the sound of the waves while practicing Yoga and nourishing body, mind and soul, for her, is a magical feeling, and she loves to share this experience with others.

gesche hartmann is our lovely yoga teacher vegan cook and super host with perfection in organisation


Born in the north of Germany, Gesche decided 2001, to make Fuerteventura her new home. Her enthusiasm for movement, the strength of nature and and the power of self-healing are her deepest heart projects.
In May 2017 she made a dream come true and finished her Yoga Teacher Training on Nusa Lembongan (Indonesia); specialized in Hatha, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Meditation.

sam is our angel that is always there to support us wherever we need him

Sam was born by the sea in eastern Germany and joined the Lets Yoga family as a guest first, searching for change: from working and smoking too much, treating his wellbeing poorly, health gave him a clear sign to stop this. Since that day he completely changed his life. He quit his job, spends more time outdoors and smiles much more often. He became a vegan and loves to share his story and interesting information.